Seven Quick Takes

— 1 —

I think we’re finally getting answers about Kieran’s cyclic vomiting! He had an endoscopy a couple of weeks ago, and we got the results on Monday. It turns out that he has helicobacter, which surprised us. He’d been tested for h pylori months ago, and it was negative; I hadn’t known there were many strains of helicobacter. So he’s on two different antibiotics and prilosec and hopefully that does the trick. I know that might not be the answer to his cyclic vomiting, but I hope it is and that getting rid of the infection will get rid of the vomiting. I don’t want him to need to go to the ER again, like he has done many times in the past year.

— 2 —

Tomorrow is the feast of Our Lady of La Leche! Our Bishop has been promoting devotion to Her, which is great. As a breastfeeding mother, I can relate, of course. It’s also the one day a year where I feel like there will surely be no comments about me breastfeeding Leo at Mass.

— 3 —

We recently moved Leo’s bed downstairs into Kieran’s room. He’s been napping there every day this past week! He doesn’t sleep there at night, but that’s okay – he’ll do that when he’s ready.  I’m just excited that he’ll nap down there.

— 4 —

I keep reading about marijuana being no worse than alcohol, or perhaps even better, but the comparisons I see seem to be speaking about overindulging in alcohol for that part of the comparison. What I want to know is how typical marijuana use compares to, say, having a drink or two at dinner.

— 5 —

I love listening to my kids play together. You know, when they aren’t screaming at each other because one took another one’s toy or something. Generally, though, I do enjoy it. I love listening to the games they imagine and the squeals of laughter. I love how much they love each other.

— 6 —

I was recently talking to my cousin about our respective children; she has 4, and I have 3. She said that being a parent is so hard, because you have your own faults that you’re working on, and then you see those faults reflected back at you in your children.

Isn’t that so true?! The observation was made after I’d mentioned that Charlotte is like me in being rather mean when hungry. I’m just not nice when I get really hungry. I can control it quite a bit, but I’m much likelier to snap at people then than at other times. Charlotte screams when hungry. Nothing is right, nothing will please her. I finally figured out the problem, so I just feed her and then she often returns to her usual happy self.

— 7 —

I just saw where Jennifer Garner spoke about her baby bump – the permanent bump she has after having three children. I love that she spoke about that! I sometimes get asked if I am pregnant, because of said permanent bump. Nope, I just have three kids, two of whom were 8lbs 11oz.

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