Scheduling Dilemmas

Lately, I feel like we’ve been doing nothing but rush, rush, rush. We didn’t make it to Mass at all yesterday, because it was earlier, and the other mornings we’ve made it but just barely, and in a whirlwind rush to get out of the house. Leaving for violin lessons? Rushing. Leaving for soccer practice? Rushing. Being in a rush tends to put me on edge, which means I end up snapping a bit at the kids (and apologizing), and then we’re all out of sorts. Something has to change.

One issue is the time of Mass. It is very important to me that we go on a daily basis as much as possible. For one, I need those graces to be a better mother, personally. Going to 9.00 is feasible, but is also stressful lately (will there ever be a time when I get no negative comments about my kids being loud and/or breastfeeding openly? I just have to remind myself that I get more positive comments than negative, but it is still stressful). The other issue with 9.00 is that if the kids play after Mass, as they often do, then we get back and don’t have time for Kieran to practice his violin before Leo’s nap, which means it is more difficult to get both practices in that day. We could drive to St Joe’s instead, but their Mass is at 8.00 and Kieran tends to sleep later now. So do I keep on with the 9.00 and maybe try to have him practice before Mass, or what? I would still have to deal with comments, because Leo just isn’t going to allow a cover when feeding when he’s never had that before, and he is learning to be quiet but isn’t quite there yet. Honestly, 8.00 is probably a better time for him, just not for the other two.

Then soccer. Practices got changed to 18.00, which is normally when we eat dinner. I cannot seem to get dinner on the table at 17.00. I guess the solution to that is to make sure I have crock pot dishes those evenings. That means I need to be better at planning ahead, which I can do, I just need some inspiration.

Kieran asked to start playing soccer, but how would that work? As it is, he has violin twice a week, and Charlotte has soccer three times a week. I assume his schedule would be similar, with one mandatory practice, one optional skills session, and one game every week. If I already feel rushed, it seems like it would be a bad idea to add another activity. In theory, I think one instrument and one sport should work, but in practice I don’t see how. I am adamant that we have family time, at least a family meal, daily. Maybe I should just work on making sure we aren’t stressed and rushing with the existing activities, and go from there.


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