Buying Into the Lie

I’ve talked a lot about kids at Mass lately. Yesterday, Leo was rambunctious and loud, yet a man came up to tell me how good he is. At first I laughed, but he persisted in saying Leo is good, because he’s just a normal 2-year-old. The conversation made me realize how much I’ve bought into the lie that children who move and/or are noisy aren’t “good.” My first reaction when people tell me my kids are good is to laugh – what does that tell them? What does it tell others if I laugh? Does it say I’m basically agreeing with the idea that my kids aren’t good because they move and talk? I don’t really believe that, but my reaction would say otherwise. I seem to be afraid to tell others that kids aren’t bad for being kids. Or rather, I tell them so with my words, but my initial reaction says otherwise.

I don’t want my children to think they’re bad just for being kids. I don’t want others to think that, either. To accomplish that, though, I need to watch my reactions.  Because why should anyone, my children included, believe me if I appear not to believe it myself?


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