As I heard about Orlando, I wasn’t even shocked. Sad, of course, but these events hardly shock me anymore. That realization alone makes me angry and sad.

Angry that there’s been yet another mass shooting in the US, the largest one yet, and yet I know there still won’t be any meaningful change/discussion about gun control.

Sad that so many have died or been injured, and all we can do is shake our heads.

Angry that, because the shooter was Muslim, all Muslims will now be under even more scrutiny and will be in danger of violence for the simple fact that they’re Muslim.

Sad that there are groups of people that are more targeted for violence, simply because of who they are.

Sad that people see violence as a solution to being angered by something, to disagreeing with the lifestyle choices of another.

Angry that this will be used by politicians to further their own agendas, without them really caring about the people involved (OK, so I can’t read their hearts and maybe they do care, but I’m a cynic in this regard. Especially when I see a candidate congratulating himself on being right about radical Islam.).

Sad that people will listen to such things and will live in fear of their neighbours.

And now the tears flow, and I want to just be with those affected, sitting with you in comfort. I can feel Jesus’ heart breaking over this, too. Lord, have mercy.