Make America Safe Again?

When I woke this morning, I saw this slogan coming out of the RNC. Contrary to its (assumed) intended purpose of comforting me, this slogan itself scares me. Why? Because it seems to be directed towards the “other” with people talking about times that immigrants have hurt them or loved ones. This scares me, even though I am not an immigrant.

Why does it scare me? Part of it is because I’ve been seeing how friends in the UK are being treated after the Brexit vote. Since that vote, I’ve heard about more overt racism and xenophobia there, with friends being called “Paki” and told to go back home and others saying they simply don’t feel as welcome now. These people did nothing wrong and love their adopted nation, but because they are obviously “other,” they are subject to these things.

Since Trump praised the Brexit vote and commented that the Brits were taking their nation back for themselves, I can’t help but think the same thing could happen here. Already racial tension is higher, and I’ve read comments about how Muslims should be interred (along with praise of Japanese internment), or how all Muslims should be deported or blocked from entering (including refugees).

We’re better than this! What does God tell us time and time again? Fear not? Then why are we scared stiff and looking for someone to condemn and blame and epitomize our fear? And why are we allowing the politicians to direct our fear to this “other” instead of seeing that they don’t have real, moral, solutions?

And so, waking this morning and seeing the news has, if anything, made me more dismayed and fearful for my country than I was. I can only pray.


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