The Meaning of Friendship

I suppose it’s the political climate right now, but lately I’ve seen more than one post saying it’s impossible to remain friend with someone who has a fundamentally opposed view from you. I disagree. To me, a friend is someone you enjoy being around, but it doesn’t mean you agree on everything, even the major things. I don’t think I have a friend with whom I agree 100% on everything, but we’re still friends.

I enjoy the company of my friends, and just avoid certain topics with them if I don’t want an argument. If I don’t avoid those topics, we discuss it without rancor, and probably end up agreeing to disagree, but we remain friends. Yes, even on major topics. I have friends and family who disagree with me on abortion, gun control, refugees, contraception, euthanasia, that Marvel is better than DC, IVF, economics, health care, parental leave, minimum wage, homosexuality, politics, and even friends who think Cyclops isn’t annoying. I know, that last one is a doozy, but somehow we still manage to be friends.

I suppose if someone told me he couldn’t be my friend because of my views, I’d be saddened. I wouldn’t change my views to keep the friend, but I would try to see if we could remain friends even with our disagreements. Obviously our relationships/friendships change over time, and we’ll find we’re closer to some people at certain points in our lives than others. This is normal and natural, but I see no reason to stop being friends with people even when we have some huge differences in opinion.


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