Being Pro-Life for the Poor

Some thoughts I’ve had on what it means to be pro-life for those who are not financially well-off:

Republicans tend to be in favor of banning abortion (good), but not so keen on helping families through public assistance, which means the reasons some get abortions are being ignored. For example, my state (with a Republican government) did not expand Medicaid, so if you make more than 33% of the FPL, but under 100%, then you cannot get Medicaid. They will pay for “family planning services,” so they’ll help make sure you don’t get pregnant, but won’t provide actual medical care (unless you do get pregnant). I keep reading about how the infant mortality rate in the state is too high, and how that could be lowered if women would get pre-conception medical care, but no one seems to understand that women aren’t just forgoing medical care for the fun of it, but because they can’t afford it.

Democrats, on the other hand, tend to be good about providing government programs for the poor (good), but also push for abortion and Clinton even wants to repeal the Hyde Amendment. The Hyde Amendment would allow Medicaid to pay for abortions, which seems to me would make those who are poorer feel more pressured to abort.

We need to recognise the struggles of those who are poorer. We need to provide support for them, so they don’t feel like their only choice is abortion. Being pro-life can’t start and end with banning abortion, but needs to encompass more than that.


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