Vote Trump or the Baby Gets It


I just saw this meme, and I can’t tell you how offensive I find it to be. Offensive? Yes, offensive.

So, why is it offensive? First, because it’s trying to guilt people into voting Trump by implying it’s the only way to save babies. Never mind that Trump is hardly convincing on being pro-life, that the Senate may very well not be Republican any longer (and therefore his Court appointments might not go through as he says), or that his other policies are the very antithesis of being pro-life. No, you have to vote Trump or else you’re a heartless person who wants babies to die.

I strongly feel that the pro-life movement is becoming a laughingstock by saddling itself with Trump. Certainly my friends and acquaintances who are not in the pro-life movement and are looking at it now are baffled and find it to have lost credibility. How can we champion life while also defending someone who has made inexcusable statements about so many and who refuses to condemn the violence his statements have spawned?

Look, I’m not saying “vote Clinton! Who cares about babies?!” I am saying that neither of them is pro-life, and you shouldn’t be guilted into voting for one based on that false premise. Inform your conscience and vote, but remember that it is also an option to vote 3rd party or abstain from voting for president if you wish. You don’t have to vote the lesser of 2 evils, and no one can make you go against your (informed) conscience when it comes to voting.


2 thoughts on “Vote Trump or the Baby Gets It

  1. The sad fact is (and I wish it were not), one of two terrible candidates will be president. One has a radical pro-abortion position and record. There is no doubt on their agenda. The other has bad history but claims pro-life positions. No, not as good as I would like, but no comparison to the other candidate.

    The president will succeed in appointing Supreme Court judges. One has been open too long already and it is very likely 2 more positions will need appointment. The Senate will not block them for long. They have no backbone and the public (manipulated by the media) will demand it.

    SO, with candidate “A” we will get 3 pro-abortion, activist judges who will vote against every law limiting abortion and for every law promoting it. With candidate “B” we (hopefully) get 3 pro-life judges who, while probably not activist judges, will at least be open to pro-life positions.

    This will have a direct and substantial impact on the number of abortions in the United States (and somewhat beyond) for the next decade or more.

    By our vote now, ***WE*** are deciding future Supreme Court decisions on abortion. Our choice is between a certainty which is radically supportive of abortion *OR* a possibility (maybe probability) of pro-life decisions. That is our choice.

    • We’ve had times where we had a Republican (pro-life) President, Republican Congress, and justices appointed by Republicans. Nothing substantial was accomplished. The justices who helped Roe & PPvs Casey were appointed by Republicans. Let’s pretend Trump does win – will the Senate remain Republican? It’s a close call. If they do, will they rubber stamp his appointee? Also, Clinton has said she approves of Obama’s choice of Gardiner, who is not an activist judge, as far as I know. So, no, I don’t feel the Supreme Court nominations are sufficient reason to vote Trump. I’m certainly not going to condemn someone who comes to a different conclusion than I have, though. I’ve already voted. Now all I can do is continue to pray.

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