We’re Failing Women

I was just exploring the site ourbodies.hercampus.com and reading through the experiences of women who have had abortions, and the views of those who were originally pro-life and became pro-choice. I appreciate their candor and willingness to open themselves up to talk about this. In perusing these, though, I came to the conclusion that we (society) are failing women in many ways still. Just not in the ways those women wrote about (in my opinion).

Many of those who were pro-life and became pro-choice did so because they, or someone they knew, were unprepared to have a child, or in an abusive relationship, or didn’t have money to raise a child, or had unsupportive family members, or something of that ilk. Those are all real hardships, and not to be taken lightly. These women concluded that, because these situations exist, abortion is needed.

Why? Because our society has taken the easy way out in deciding it is easier to debate abortion than to do more to support women who are in tougher situations. So women continue to wonder how to afford a child when their school or work won’t offer paid maternity leave. Or they continue to receive snide remarks from people about family size. Or they live in a state that gives paternity rights to rapists (if that isn’t an incentive for women to abort, I don’t know what is).

So I read things like this and I’m saddened that these women felt abortion was necessary in order to address these wrongs. We must work harder to make it so those things aren’t even issues, so that we meet a pregnancy announcement with joy and will help the women and the babies. Our society isn’t pro-life, not just because of abortion, but because abortion is seen as needed to address the other issues women are facing. Until we understand that and seek to help address the issues that lead women to abortion, we won’t be pro-life.